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Making Waves

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Being by the sea is one of my greatest joys in life. The shapes, sizes, colour and texture of a wave always amaze me. You never know what to expect, as its movement and rhythm constantly change. A wave’s ‘texture’ ranges from a calm, still surface, to the spray of a giant sea swell with a spectrum of hues of dark and light blues, aquas and white foam. I find this a great source of inspiration for colour and texture in many of my interior schemes.

In addition to what I see, my other senses are also fully engaged. I can taste the salt on my lips, smell the fresh aroma of the sea and hear the roar and the crash of the surf. Water to me feels like liquid silk when it runs between my fingers or I am immersed in it. It energises me but also makes me feel peaceful.

Lucy Rowan, an artist who lives by the sea in Brighton, has beautifully interpreted ‘waves’ in her tapestry. In her own words she describes her inspiration for this unique piece that caught my eye: “The constant movement of water gave me the idea for the abstract patterns in the weave.” “I love how the flow of the wool represents the waves, and how the rope creates the foam that comes from the splashing tides.” “I want people to feel like they could reach out and touch the water.”

This woven wall hanging made with different thicknesses and beautiful shades of blue and white wool has inspired me. This piece evokes a sense of calm and I agree with Lucy that you literally feel that you could reach out and touch the water.

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