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Nordic Luxe by Karen Oppegård
Nordic Luxe, Inspiring Interiors for Living Well’ is Karen’s first book.
Waking up, refreshed after a good night’s sleep, I marveled at the colours of the sky as the sun rose on a crisp and clear morning. The sea was calm, displaying a beautiful blue hue, and the sunlight sparkled on its surface.

Wrapped up in suitably warm clothes, with the temperature just below freezing, I went on to my terrace and inhaled the invigorating salty, fresh air.

The scent of the sea, and the calls of squawking seagulls were familiar, but never taken for granted. The setting was simply stunning.

I lit the fire and a candle and sat down with a hot drink and a good book. The crackling sound of the burning wood and the soothing flicker of the flames made me feel warm, calm and content.

What an extraordinary way to start the day. I had designed and detailed my apartment by the sea, inspired by the views and beauty of nature. It is truly my safe haven, a sanctuary and personal expression of a Nordic Luxe interior.

Within this beautiful setting, rooted in principles of comfort, minimalism and functionalism, it was possible to truly appreciate the small pleasures in life and enjoy a daily dose of luxe living.

I hope you enjoy perusing my Nordic Luxe style interiors and that maybe you will feel encouraged, and inspired, to live well every day in your home.

Karen Oppegård

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Luxe Interiors for a relaxed lifestyle