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Nordic Luxe Kitchens by Oppegård Designs
Nordic Luxe Bathrooms by Oppegård Designs
Nordic Luxe by Oppegård Designs
Nordic Luxe Bedrooms by Oppegård Designs


Nordic Luxe view by Oppegård Designs
This apartment by the sea has spectacular far-reaching views. I was inspired by the vista in front of me and wished to express this in my interior scheme.

There is a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors. The large double height windows allow plenty of natural light to stream into the room. There is a great sense of space and the living area is further extended with the terrace’s inviting and comfortable seating.

Nordic Luxe patio by Oppegård Designs


Nordic Luxe office by Oppegård Designs


The Nordic way of life is much admired across the world and has become a symbol of healthy and happy living. There is no big secret, as to why the quality of living in Nordic countries is so high.

We take time to stop and pause, to connect with nature and prioritise time spent with family and friends.

A well planned out and organised interior space add to the enjoyment of everyday life, sprinkled with a little gold dust, adding a bit of luxe to brighten up our day.

Nordic Luxe mirrors by Oppegård Designs



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